Founder’s Church

3281 West Sixth Street
Los Angeles 90020

The Founder’s Center is unique, as it seems more like a theatre than a church.  The auditorium seats 1,500 people in comfortable theatrical-style seats.

The 4-manual/31-rank Wurlitzer at Founder’s Church is unique for a church installation since it includes extensive percussions, traps, and effects – essentially everything that one would want in a theatre pipe organ.  It also features a Trumpet en Chamade that is installed over the lighting booth in the balcony.  The instrument was designed by Lyn Larsen, who assisted Ken Crome with the installation.  The console came from Chicago’s Northshore Theatre.  The organ was donated to the church by Marion Minor Cook in 1984 in memory of her husband, John Brown Cook.

Organ photo taken by Tony Wilson.

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This organ is not owned or maintained by LATOS.