Nethercutt Collection

15151 Bledsoe Street
Sylmar 91342

The 4/74 Wurlitzer at San Sylmar is the largest theatre organ on the West Coast.  The organ is a crown jewel in a magnificent collection of automatic musical instruments and antiques.  The organ can be found on the music floor at the Nethercutt Museum. This floor displays a world-class collection of automated mechanical instruments including Reproducing Pianos, Nickelodeons, Cyclinder & Disc Music Boxes, Orchestrions and the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.  During the tour some of these instruments are demonstrated including a mini-concert on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.  The site houses the Nethercutt Collection of meticulously restored antique and classic automobiles, all of which are drivable. 

Organ photo taken by Richard Neidich.

Visit the Nethercutt Collection website.

This organ is not owned or maintained by LATOS.