LOS_ANGELES_ORPHEUM_Marquee - _PHOTO Credit to Oleknutlee

Orpheum Theatre

842 South Broadway
Los Angeles 90014

The Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre is a spectacular example of a theatre that has been completely restored with care and attention to detail and accuracy by its owner.  The organ is a Wurlitzer Style 240 Special, Opus 1821, shipped from the factory in December of 1927.  It was originally 13 ranks, and has an added Post Horn – making the instrument 14 ranks.

The Orpheum Theatre opened February 15, 1926.  Since its opening, the Orpheum has hosted some of the most famous names in show business including burlesque queen Sally Rand, a young Judy Garland, comedian Jack Benny, as well as jazz greats Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington.  The 1960s brought a completely new dimension to the theater – “rock and roll” – with performers such as Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and Little Stevie Wonder.

In more recent years, television, film and music video stars have added another new feature to the theater’s history – location filming.  Today, the Orpheum continues to build on its entertainment industry memories and stands ready once again to welcome live performance and many other special events to its legendary stage.

Photos taken by Oleknutlee.

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This organ is not owned or maintained by LATOS.