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4949 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Founded in 1963, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been a beloved Los Angeles institution for over half a century. In 2019, the organization relocated from its original location near downtown to the historic York Theatre in Highland Park. Throughout the yea, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater offers imaginative, high-energy puppet shows that delight audiences of all ages. 

The Allen Custom GW4 digital organ, nicknamed "Silver Cloud," was donated to LATOS in 2017 by the estate of former member Jack Darr. The console was built by Ken Crome and is based on the design of the Brooklyn Paramount Wurlitzer. The organ made its public debut at the 2001 ATOS Convention in Indianapolis in a concert by Walter Strony at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. The organ uses Allen's "Renaissance" platform and offers the equivalent of 41 digital ranks across its four manuals.

This organ is owned and maintained by LATOS and has been in residence at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater since 2019 where it can be heard prior to most Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances. Visit the Bob Baker Marionette Theater website to see their upcoming shows.

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