Wilshire Ebell STAGE - Credit to The Ebell of Los Angeles copy

Wilshire Ebell Theatre

4401 West 8th Street
Los Angeles 90005

The 1,270 seat Wilshire Ebell Theatre has been host to lectures and musical performances by world leaders and top artists since 1927.  Among other events, the Ebell was the site of aviator Amelia Earhart’s last public appearance before attempting the 1937 around-the-world flight during which she disappeared, and the place where Judy Garland was discovered while performing in the 1930s.

To view a low resolution scan of the dedication program and learn more about the organ’s history, specifications, and the people who contributed to its restoration and installation, click here: LATOS BARTON at the Wilshire Ebell

Visit the Wilshire Ebell Theatre website.